Poetry is not pants

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My 3rd collection of poetry for young people is out soon. It includes loads of new poems but also some different stuff like short stories. It will also have some crazy stuff in it about words and will include tongue twisters, anagrams ( jumbled up words) and palindromes ( words that are spelt the same backwards like Mum or Dad). A lot of the stuff is bits and pieces I have collected over the years from going into schools.


Sneak preview !

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Poem.

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A Poem.

A poem


Dear Declan.

A poem


"Craig´s visit during February 2010 has to be the most amazing author/visits I have hosted in the last 10 years"

Fiona Mulvaney, Jerudong International School, Brunei