Latest Review Kate Noble C of E Primary School Marple- Stockport

In the words of Class 2
C razy!
R idiculous outfits!
A mazing!
I nspiring ideas!
G reat sense of humour!
B rilliant poet!
R eally funny!
A wesome!
D ude!
L ively!
E xcellent with words!
Y ell out loud!

"Simply sensational and hilarious!, Craig had children, parents and teachers roaring with laughter! The whole theatre was literally mesmerised by his wit and humour at our school Book Awards. Craig had the whole crowd of 200 on their feet; singing, dancing, joining in rhymes, interacting with jokes and word play. The response from children following the event was fantastic they can´t wait for next year and we all now do the ‘Craig Bradley Clap!’ A great way to celebrate the magic, fun and excitement of reading and writing. A night to remember!"

"Craig is an absolutely First Class Compare."
"What are you waiting for…"
"Book a diary date with Craig Bradley now!"

Kate Noble : Literacy Co ordinator,
All Saints’ C of E Primary School Marple, Stockport - May, 2010.

Fiona Mulvaney - Jerudong International School - Brunei

Bradley, Craig

Country of Origin : UK

Good for what grades? K-12 (has published 2 poetry collections for children (K-6), some adult poetry books and edited collections of writing. He is a Performance Poet, Stand up comedian, Storyteller, Musician and runs poetry writing workshops.
Advanced booking : At least 3 months in advance.
How to prepare for a visit? Best if run at the same time that poetry is being undertaken in the curriculum. Or if some poetry is being delivered during Info Lit/ Library lessons. Craig´s poetry books are for children up to year 7 is rhyme based fun, quirky and a fabulous introduction to students who find poetry dry or inaccessible.


Craig´s visit during February 2010 has to be the most amazing author/visits I have hosted in the last 10 years.
Getting our students and staff off curriculum and into poetry has been so wonderful. Craig really went the extra mile he covered Reception to Year 9 and captivated his audience completely. Staff have said to me they will no longer deliver their own poetry lessons in the same way! What a great outcome. He has held down so many interesting jobs in his life, including being a standup comedian, so has a vast repertoire of jokes, anecdotes and ideas, that we could have had him for over a week. 3 days was not enough. I had Senior students wanting to come and listen to him, sing his songs, chat with him. I really think there was so much more we could have done. Craig did everything from reciting his poems, making new poetry the children had written into songs, he plays guitar, helps children to understand what inspiration and what the love of writing truly is. He did a fantastic poetry writing workshops with the middle school and I am now continuing on the energy he left behind by putting together a poetry collection. He did an amazing parent and kiddie´s afternoon in the Junior library and had the parents singing and reciting. We have many ESL families in our community and I have had many parents come in the last 2 weeks to tell me how magical it is to have their children recite poems and sing at home. Craig is really easy to host and just thrives on the joy of his job. If you only have money for one person a year, like we do, do your school community a big favour… (Fiona Mulvaney, Jerudong International School, Brunei, (


"Craig is a brilliant wordsmith and performer and the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed his show. It was vibrant, energetic, great fun and totally engaging. All the children felt involved in the performance. One mother e-mailed the festival after the event to say that the show had been a revelation and, for the first time, her son had picked up a book and was reciting Craig´s poetry." Lesley Webster Off The Shelf Festival of Writing and Reading Sheffield

Craig Receiving an award for his work on Shine with YOT

Craig Bradley is a professional poet, writer and performer who tours the country sharing his passion and infectious enthusiasm for words. He performs in schools, libraries, museums, art galleries, hospitals and literary festivals.

He has a BA (Hons) in English Language and a MA in Contemporary Literature. He has lectured in Creative Writing at the Universities of Huddersfield and Leeds.

He has held many writing residencies in libraries, schools, prisons, youth offending teams, hospitals and literary festivals. In 2003 he was Calderdale Libraries first ever Reader In Residence. He has read his work on radio and TV.

"Absolutely brilliant." BBC Look North

"Always a treat, fantastic." BBC Radio York

Amongst other things, Craig has been a stand up comedian, roadie, heavy metal drummer, window cleaner, humbug boiler, nightclub bouncer, Butlins breakfast cook and gravedigger.

Craig has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction and childrenás poetry. He has written 5 books. He is currently the BBC RaW Football Stories Co-Ordinator working alongside the National Literacy Trust setting up literacy events at football clubs. He has worked with Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Nottingham Forest and Everton. Craig supports Halifax Town.

"This man plays with words and throws them around like half-bricks, with fine aim and great effect."

Halifax Evening Courier