Blackpool Schools Poet In Residence Summer term 2011!


This year I'm Blackpool Schools Poet in Residence. This project was organised by Blackpool Libraries and involved 15 schools around Blackpool. As a celebration of this event me and my media guru Andy, have made a short film whilst there.


Here is some fun with chips and Darth Vader !




The Ho Ho Ho Song
Christmas Craig

Click the play button to hear some Christmas fun we had at Thames Primary School in Blackpool, I hope you enjoy it!!

Sucessful Coast to Coast Charity Event 2011!


I would like to thank everybody who supported us on our Coast to Coast THANK YOU !!

We raised over 1000 pounds !


Full details of the walk can be found here That C2C Thing

You can STILL donate online through my Just Giving page follow the link

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That Poetry Bloke - The Movie by Tony Wilson!

My good friend, the incredible Mr Tony Banjo Wilson is making a film about me and my work and it's on YouTube!

You can also see them here!

Part 1 of 4 : Poems and Writing Stories and Words
Part 2 of 4: What do you do?
Part 3 of 4: What about football?
Part 4 of 4: Work, rest and play?


Here are some videos of me as I have made my way around. Enjoy!


StreetSpeak: The shape a poem makes - follow the link
Craig Bradley 01 video clip
StreetSpeak: The shape of a football - follow the link
Craig Bradley 02 video clip
StreetSpeak: A girl in goal - follow the link
Craig Bradley 03 video clip
StreetSpeak: A poem inspired by Wayne Rooney - follow the link
Craig Bradley 04 video clip





"I've seen many sessions by many authors, poets and storytellers but I've never seen any sessions that evoked such a positive response from children, fantastic!!"

Anne Burns - School Library Service, Bolton