A normal day in school would be 4 x 1 Hour sessions across the day and maybe a whole school performance, either at the start or at the end. I can do specific writing workshops but over the years working in schools, I have found that just going in with bags of energy, having loads of fun, messing about with words and ideas, looking at language and focusing on the performance aspect really inspires and engages young people. I am a musician and play the guitar and make that important link between poetry and music. I used to be a stand-up comedian and my poetry performances include elements of comedy as well as music, original writing, improv and loads and loads of audience participation.

That PoetryBloke Notice Board full of poets "Craig is an entertaining and innovative speaker who works with extraordinary enthusiasm. Pupils of all ages were intrigued by the idea of performance poetry and many were inspired by myself to produce and perform their own excellent work. Craig has a knack of bringing out the best in the students and giving them a relevant way to access poetry and literature, all in all, his visits were a resounding success."   Gaynor Jones, Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator Aston Comprehensive School, Sheffield

Craig at Aston Working as a Writer in Schools, I enthuse about books, encouraging pupils to write, to widen their reading, and to make writing and creative thinking fun.

I tour the country visiting around 150 schools a year, holding writing workshops and readings, working with thousands of pupils of all ages and abilities. As a professional writer, I can offer a different perspective on books, reading, writing and literature.

My workshops focus on original writing, imagination and performance. Pupils are encouraged to write and perform their own poems in a creative, fun and constructive atmosphere. This key performance element brings poems to life in the classroom.

⡩g held us all spellbound, charming us with his sense of fun and enthusiasm, but really getting the point home that poetry isnवll rhyming couplets, but a vibrant, living entertainment form."
Helen Robinson, Literature Development Officer
Oldham Libraries

I set out to demystify the often complex and elitist image surrounding poetry and passionately believe that poetry is relevant to everyone. It is about who we are, what we are and where we are.

Craig playing the guitar to a poem by the students

嶥r have I heard poetry read with such enthusiasm or seen children clamour to take part as they did with Craig, he was brilliant. The young people loved him ?so much that they produced some impressive verses themselves. If you want to inspire a classroom into writing then you cannot get a better person than Craig Bradley."
Jane Brookes
Blackpool Libraries

"I've seen many sessions by many authors, poets and storytellers but I've never seen any sessions that evoked such a positive response from children, fantastic!!"

Anne Burns - School Library Service, Bolton